Winners of our September and October league 2019 - Trilogy!

3x3 League

This league will be back in September and October 2020! Above you can see the 2019 winners- Trilogy

Dream Big Basketball Academy invites you to compete in the Dream Big 3x3 League. This basketball league offers players a unique setting where they have more control over the game. 3x3 is a fast paced, exciting game that gives each ample opportunities on offense and defense to show their skills. Through fundamental team play, each group has as great chance to work out give-in-go's, back door cuts, pick and rolls, etc. The intent of this league is to provide a fun and competitive learning environment for all players.  We have students from Huntersville, Cornelius, Charlotte and surrounding areas. 

*Get your team together*

  • Choose your team name
  • Kids coach themselves
  • Fun atmosphere (music included)
  • Sign up with friends
  • Easy online registration
  • 20 minute games

General Information:

How many games?

Two games per team will be played each Sunday. 

League Season and Team Fees:

Season 1 League: September 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th - $175 due per team with team fee paid at entry

Registration closed!

Season 2 League: October 6th, 13th. 20th, 27th - $175 per team ($35/player if you have 5 players).

Registration closed!

September 8th-October 27th (2 months) $325 per team - Registration closed!

Location and Game Times:

Most games will be played at Huntersville Elementary School. There will be 2 games being played at the same time. They will be played between 3:00pm-5:45pm. The younger divisions will have earlier game slot times. There will be a maximum of 45 minutes between 2 games (this is the achieved time frame).  Schedules for the month will be posted here, online, 7 days prior before the first game.

**Four younger players we will offer skills sessions with 3x3 scrimmages: k-2nd and 3rd-4th on Sunday afternoons September 4th-November 11th. See fall skill academy (click group training above).

Who Can Play:

Grades 5th-6th, 7th-8th, 9th-12th (2019-2020 schol year). We are counting on having age divisions for both girls and boys. Please indicate team level during registration and we will do our best to make competitive pools.All divisions will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. It is a players only league, no coaches.

Team Jerseys: 

Teams must wear the same color jersey or T-shirt (no number needed). Reversibly team jerseys can be ordered separately (by team registration deadline). The price is $15 a player and will be distributed on the date of the first game.

Team Parent:

Every team needs a team parent for information/communication purposes. Please indicate while signing up.

Individual Sign Up:

Works great. Just go to the signup page (tell us what age/gender) and we will pair you up with players in a similar situation.Cost $55 per month or $100 for both months, including reversible jersey.


Contact league director George Holm or 833-99-DREAM

Pre-Game Details:

  1. Each team roster may consist of a maximum of six team players all wearing colored jerseys/t-shirts.
  2. A team may have only three players on the court at a time.
  3. All games must start with at least three players on each team but may finish the game with 1-3 players.
  4. Teams should arrive 15 minutes before the posted start of the game.Teams will only be given a three minute grace period after the posted start of the game to obtain the remaining missing players. Once the grace period expires, the team will forfeit.
  5. Master timing There is one clock for all courts. All games will start on the sound of the supervisor's master horn, which will start the master clock.
  6. First possessions determined by home team (to the left) on the schedule.
  7. The games will be officiated by a qualified official. Badgering game officials will lead to game disqualifications.
  8. The home team has to provide a score keeper to work with the referee.
  9. Only man-to-man defense allowed. 
  10. No timeouts allowed.
  11. 2-minute pre-game warm-up 



General information:

* Game length is 20 minutes, no time-outs. All games will be played at Huntersville Elementary School. No admission. 

* Please make sure all players read the rules before first game. High School Rules plus these local rules here.....

* Come at least 15 min before your first game. George Holm and/or Donte Watson will be on site to answer any questions. 

* All teams are playing 2 games per Sunday. ​

* Points, head to head and points difference head to head will be used as tie breakers. We know that not all teams are playing exactly the same schedule. We will find a fair seeding for the playoffs anyway. Most important is to have fun and improve!

* No reason to drive up a score. Work on your weaknesses instead. Weak hand. Team Concept etc.



Additional 3x3 league Information


  1. Two point per basket made inside the arc. Three points (excluding grades 3rd-4th) for baskets made from beyond the arc.
  2. Two games are played for 20 minutes with a running clock. The team ahead after 20 minutes wins.
  3. If the game is tied after 20 minutes, a sudden death free throw shootout will break the tie. Each team receives equal opportunities to shoot free throws until one team makes it and the other team misses. New shooter each time.

Live Ball/Dead Ball Possession:

  1. The ball will change possession after a scored basket.
  2. All jump balls will go to the defense.
  3. After a scored basket, the ball must be checked at the top of the arc; the offensive player behind the arc and the defensive player inside the arc.
  4. The ball and one foot must be behind the arc to change possession. Possession must be changed after a defensive rebound (rim or not) or a steal. If not taken behind the arc, any points scored are void and the other team gains possession. No need to check the ball if no basket was scored.


  1. Officials will be calling fouls
  2. Only team fouls are counted, not individual.
  3. For shooting fouls inside or outside the arc, the offended team will get one point and possession of the ball from behind the arc.
  4. For shooting fouls where the basket is made, the offended team will get the basket in addition to the foul. The possession changes to the team that was scored on.
  5. Starting with the 7th team foul, the offended team will get one point per  foul for non-shooting and the ball back behind the arc.
  6. Technical fouls are an automatic two points and possession of the ball behind the arc.


  1. Substitutions may be made after a made basket, a foul, violation, or after the ball goes out of bounds. Let the referee know. 


Jersey Order

Additional Information

  • Black and white reversible, similar to picture above.
  • Dream Big 3x3 logo
  • No number needed
  • $15/player (including tax)
  • Sizes include: YM, YL, AS, AM, AL, AXL, AXXL
  • Jersey can be used for our future 3x3 leagues
  • You can order jersey's during the TEAM sign up process
  • Jersey invoice will be sent to the email indicated when ordering and is due on receipt.
    • Order not complete until payment is received.
  • Deadline to order is when team registration is due.